In the early 80's mom decided to try her hand at retailing. With my help we set her up with one of the planet's first ecommerce services. She did surprising well but only charged the cost of her wool. When I suggested she raise her prices and try to make a profit, she replied: "I may lose on an individual order but I'll make it up in volume". I had to admit that was funny. Note in those days the Canadian dollar traded at 67 cents US.
Belle Bulloch For decades now, Belle Bulloch has been crocheting baby blankets for new mothers. Their magic is their soft porous nature - ensuring your loved one can safely cuddle the blanket against their face.  And, Belle's Baby Blankets are all hand crocheted with soft acrylic.

These blankets are covering babies in Belfast, California, New Jersey, Arizona, Texas, India, and many many in Canada.
Each blanket has a different pattern and combination of soft pastel shades.  They are all about 30" X 30" (which is measured from the end of Belle's hand to her nose).

Each blanket ALSO comes with a lovely little doll which is attired in a cute, hand crocheted outfit.
Sample Blanket & Doll
KIND WORDS....    "I received the blanket two days ago and absolutely loved it.  The colors were soft baby colors, and the little doll was an added touch that was very cute.  The baby loves the feel of it.  He pulls it up to his face more than his other blankets."  ...Laura Lohmeyer
Costs INCLUDE all shipping and handling. Your order is delivered in a strong "gift ready" white covered corrugated cardboard box.

Available only within Canada and Continental USA.
To Order... * $US $CA
1 blanket + 1 doll 25.00 38.00
Note: If you have a specific colour preference for your blankets (ie predominately blue, pink, etc) please email Belle Bulloch with instructions BEFORE completing your order. Then we can prepare your order while you place your order via ecommerce below.

*  Being a Canadian product, our ecommerce transaction is based on Canadian currency.  US customer charges will be converted on your credit card statement by your credit card company at the current daily rate.  The $US rates shown are approximate - based on $CA = .67 $US.

For security reasons, eCommerce requires a private email address.  Free email services like HotMail are not acceptable.  If you do not have a private email address you can mail us a money order.  Please email Peter Bulloch for details.

For more information about the blankets please email Belle Bulloch.
For Ordering Information please email Peter Bulloch